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Just joined us, flushed with success from Tate St Ives, is Head Chef is Fraser Bruce. More soon…


We can be found at

Halsetown Inn, Halsetown, St. Ives TR26 3NA 01736 795583 or email us.

We take reservations by phone 01736 795583 or email us.

Local buses stop right outside our door.

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Here is one way to walk from St Ives

Halsetown walk

The Tate St Ives have produced a map of the town –  click here if you need one. 

A Little Bit of The Village’s History…
James Halse who was a lawyer and wealthy businessman, built Halsetown village in the 1830s.  It was described as “England’s first garden city”.  The village was built to house the miners who worked in the mines of which he was an adventurer, namely nearby Wheal Reeth & Consols although he was an adventurer in several mines including the St Just area.  This bought him considerable wealth.  He was also an MP for the area and lived in Fern Lea Terrace, St Ives: The property which is now Chellews Solicitors office.

The miners who lived in the cottages at Halsetown were expected to vote for him at election time and if they did not, they could have been without a home and without a job.  Up until the 1870s, voting was not a secret ballot so he knew who had voted for him!